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Bot forms the response on the principle of finding the answers to the most relevant issues related to yours. To enter the application you have to confirm the age of 18 .

It’s a wonder we ever manage to communicate at all.

This is a chat bot (virtual companion) and people chat.

Bot Knowledge Base updated with ability of bot learning.

The application requires Internet connection (API Yandex, Google, Bing, Wolfram Alpha).

Added people chat and theme chat with support for photo sharing. Sending a message by pressing "Enter" ( "Go") on the virtual keyboard, or by pressing the " " button that near to the input field of the message. You can search by profiles, upload fotos to profile, exchange fotos and view new messages Notification about inner messages. The recurrent neural network is based on the relationship associative memory of words in sentences of learning knowledge base that allows you to obtain new answers to the questions.

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