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The Nevada Secretary of State's Statewide Voter Registration Database only captures voter history going back to 1998.

If you find that your personal voter history is in error or you have questions regarding your voting history dating pre-1998, please contact your local County Clerk/Registrar of Voters. In Nevada, if you are a registered member of the Democratic or Republican Party, the parties have established their respective caucus locations.

Most arrest and other criminal records for offenses committed in Nevada are accessible on the Nevada Public Record Center website at on a particular county sheriff's website.

There are also numerous private sites offering access to criminal records for a fee.

Any member of the public can obtain a copy of your arrest or criminal history record pursuant to NRS 179A.100.5(b).

In 1901, Mackay started the Commercial Pacific Cable Company to begin transpacific telegraph operations.If you are suspicious of a neighbor or of someone you are dating, an arrest record may offer some insight on that individual but you should check to see if there was a dismissal, acquittal or if the person had a conviction.An arrest record is not evidence of guilt and a great number of arrests do not end up with any charges filed for a variety of reasons including faulty eyewitness identification or an accuser's motive to fabricate facts.Raycraft, Nevada's "Father of Wireless" ~ ~ Amateur Wireless Operation in Nevada ~ ~ America's First Radio Tour ~ ~ Nevada's Earliest Radio Broadcast Stations ~ was a 1922 promotional trek to expose the rural West to the possibilities of RADIO. All non-credited photos and all text on this webpage are property of Henry Rogers/Western Historic Radio Museum and are subject to copyright laws. Mackay is best known in Nevada as one of the "Big Four" of the Comstock, the mining district located in Virginia City, Nevada.The tour began in Detroit and finished in Los Angeles, however the participants were particularly impressed with Nevada and spent three days in Austin, Nevada. Written permission (e-mail) is required for the use of any of our photos or any of our text on any other websites or for any other purpose. Mackay was an immigrant youth that worked his way west and then came to Virginia City in 1859.

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