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All along I was thinking that they were not natural or there was something fishy going on here.Searching the Internet, I found several websites where collectors are discussing the authenticity of these silver wires.Based on the number of falls (objects seen to fall as a meteor), about 5% are irons and 95% are stones.This is based on a little over 1,000 witnessed falls.| Eric Hensen, a Tempe Police Volunteer takes cares of police horse Strider on left and Blitz on right at Tempe Police Crime prevention sub station in Tempe. Apache Indian agent, mayor of Tombstone and editor of the Tombstone Epitaph, died at age 80.| Indian agent John Clum is flanked by Diablo (left) and Eskiminzim at San Carlos Agency in 1875.Like golf scores, the lower the risk value in points, the better the sanitation level and the higher the reported rating category.

It’s often asked by readers if this could ever be a possibility in Larimer County. While it would be easier for the consumer, the push-back from the industry is fierce, and will most likely never happen in Fort Collins.

On April 29, 1926, Yuma County Sheriff's deputies raided a dairy farm and found more moonshine than milk. Mc Cord received official authorization to enlist volunteers for the Rough Riders.

The haul included 200 gallons of liquor, 750 gallons of mash, 75 gallons of wine and a 100-gallon still. | The Arizona Rough Riders Historical Association are an educational and re-enactment group based in Prescott.

Rumors started about whether they were even natural and several folks were threatened with lawsuits if they continued to raise the issue of their being natural or not.

Early on in the controversary, I asked a good friend who has a great deal of knowledge about such things what he thought.

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