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As far as hobbies, I can knit, crochet, do macramé, bead, sew, however at this point I have been so involved with work and the group that I hardly find time for anything else. I am the local tax expert so all of my friends bring me their returns to do. As owner of the group I stay involved with what the moderators have going on.

I normally deal with the media in an effort to get these scams publicized so that less people will fall victim to them. I usually always have one or two big projects in the works at any given time. I want to see the scams talked about more in the media so that there will be less victims.

This kind of thing is a massive problem in Nigeria and Ghana with groups of men sitting in internet cafes all conning people over their internet dating sites.: I am a 49 year old single mother, with a 28 year old daughter.I work for Emidsouth, Inc., a computer based company that resells timeshares on the internet.'I love you, I want to marry you.' He just knew all the things to say.He totally had me hooked into his scheme." Kabak who has long been an internet user, was drawn into an internet romance scam.

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