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“You can’t make everybody happy and I’m aware of that.But if people are passionate and [the episode] triggers civic dialogue and communication and compassion for one another, I’m thrilled.Not everyone is going to agree on everything all the time, and that’s OK.

#The Walking Dead fans, please give this post for Steven Yeun an actual VOTE today! Just wanted to make sure we still hated eachother Okk Delivered Same page. Dating, Fucking, and Lmao: What it's like to date me It's been 22 minutes since you last texted. Delivered Whyyy is this me im so fucking dramatic for no damned reason lmao sorry baby repost @sourqueen1 Crazy, Dude, and Love: 11x08 Do you miss me..all? I just love Arizona and I'm happy she found someone again. greysanatomy calzona callietorres arizonarobbins greys11x08 Memes, Vans, and 🤖: It's only been 3 weeks. had ISIS and all the other religious violent sects totaly under control until terrorist G. Bush attacked us, destabilizedour country, killed 150,000 Iraqis and opened a can of Wor We never had weapons of mass destruction. :) (y) Van Orman Dating, Funny, and Texting: What it's like to date me It's been 22 minutes since you last texted.

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