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Hey Friends, welcome back to our #Learn #MSBI tutorial site, This is continuity part of our previous article where we had discussed about dimensions, snowflake, star schema, face table. #Questpond courses are of very low cost as compared with other institute. Coming back to article, since we have already discussed theory part in part 1, Here in this article we will learn designing of star schema step by step with a real time example.

So if you have landed here directly then requesting you read previous article if you already know about those topics then you can continue reading this article. About Me: I'm Gurunatha Dogi having 10 years of experience in IT sector, worked on various technologies like Adobe Flex, PHP-MYSQL, ADO. NET, LINQ, Entity Framework, SQL Server, Java, Oracle, Jquery, Angular JS, MVC, Andriod and so on. Here in this example we will design 4 dimension time package and 1 fact table package using SSIS toolbox.

So guys you have seen that we have successfully created all dimension datatables and 1 fact table.

Step 2 : In this step 2 we need to make relationship between fact-table and dimension-table.

Left justified at the top of the table is the heading Nutrition Facts and stacked below it is the heading Valeur nutritive. The next line is Per 250 m L, forward slash, par 250 m L.

There is a thick rule below the serving size information that spans the width of the table.

You need a way to add those records to the existing cube in the few minutes it takes to process only the new records.

To make matters more complicated, let's say you need to add daily sales records to the cube automatically in a batch program every night.

Stacked directly below the subheading "Amount" is Teneur, in bold.So in this example we need master tables of State, City, Property and Property Type and in a middle our fact table will be "Customer" since customer will buy a property. Step 1 : In this step create data destination tables for dimensions and fact we will create 4 dim tables and 1 fact table to load data in datawarehouse coming from source CSV files.Note : Datawarehouse is SQL SERVER So let's create 4 dimension tables or master tables - State, City, Property and Property Type in our SQL Server Management Studio as shown in below image.There is explanatory text around the outside of the table with arrows pointing to the new changes within the table.Following is a description of the original Nutrition Facts table.

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Here we first we will load our 4 dimension table and then we will load our fact table.

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