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This solution works, but it is limited by the number of parameters schtasks will take in.

This prevents you from doing things like disabling the AC Power requirement. Another issue is that a command prompt pops up briefly making the install look messy.

Aaron Stebner explains why deferring the action is necessary.

Also note that the use of ‘"’ instead of ‘”‘ is a feature of WIX and not an error in web formatting.

What kind of problems could there be, you might ask. So, here are my best practices: If you somehow break the synchronization between your project and the repository, back up your copy, delete your copy (NOT the backup) afterwards, check out the repository again and join the checked out and the backed up version manually.

This post may seem awkward, futile or even harmful to those, who have not had similar problems as me when performing – let’s say – heavy refactoring work like moving and deleting files and folders in a checked out version of an svn repository.

To schedule a task you need to create a custom action which calls the command line version of the Windows Task Scheduler (schtasks.exe).

In the example above the task is being scheduled to run every 20 minutes starting from when the computer boots (/SC MINUTE /MO 20).

DISCLAIMER: If you use svn from the command line, this post is possibly irrelevant for you.

Possibly, you have found that post in a search engine, because you have had problems when doing refactoring in eclipse in a project checked out via svn.

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