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In 1991 she made her film debut with a small role in a comedy Switch, and later played another small part in A League of Their Own (1992).

From 1992 to 1993 Leoni starred with Corey Parker in the short-lived Fox sitcom, Flying Blind.

She plays Secretary of State Elizabeth Mc Cord on the CBS drama “Madam Secretary,” and you get the feeling Téa Leoni could probably do the job in real life.

Her grandmother, Helenka Pantaleoni, helped found UNICEF and served for more than a quarter century as president of its American arm.

Us Weekly broke the news in December 2014 that the CBS stars were an item.

Leoni, 49, began dating Daly, 59, four months after her divorce from David Duchovny was finalized.

After leaving television, in 1998 Leoni had the leading role in Deep Impact, a big-budget disaster film about a comet menacing Earth.

better known by her stage name Téa Leoni, is an American actress and producer.They had to put it in my contract to get me to go to my own premieres. Has the feeling on set changed since the results of the presidential election? It’s a broken ankle on his right leg and on the left he crushed his tibial plateau.Honestly, we’re all still just wrapping our heads around it. My biggest worry is — and [series creator] Barbara [Hall] and I have talked about this — what does this do to the show? He’s had surgery, two or three pins, and it’s hard, but it’s interesting.In later years, Leoni had the female lead roles in films including Deep Impact (1998), The Family Man (2000), Jurassic Park III (2001), and Fun with Dick and Jane (2005).In 2014, Leoni returned to television with the leading role in the CBS political drama series, Madam Secretary. The following year, Leoni was cast as Lisa Di Napoli in the NBC daytime soap opera, Santa Barbara.

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